cygwin getpass broken recently? was: cygrunsrv fails to prompt for user password

Steven Hartland
Sat Jul 7 04:05:00 GMT 2012

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From: "Steven Hartland"

> We're updating our servers to a newer version of cygwin (1.7.15)
> from previous 1.7 version and in this version the install of
> cygrunsrv (V1.40, Apr 25 2012) fails to correctly prompt for
> a user password even though -u <username> is being specified.
> It seems like cygrunsrv maybe checking for an "interactive"
> session and incorrectly determining its not as in our case
> we are running the cygrunsrv via ssh e.g.
> ssh "cygrunsrv ...."
> We know that this worked correctly in cygrunsrv V1.34, Mar 18
> 2008.
> Bug introduced recently?

After inspecting the code for cygrunsrv and adding some debug
I've determined this isn't a bug in the util but in cygwin's
getpass function which I believe may have been changed
recently by Corinna Vinschen, after googling around.

Is this a new issue caused by these changes Corinna?


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