Cannot install jruby

Rodrigo Botafogo
Mon Jul 2 17:07:00 GMT 2012

I´m trying to use jruby under cygwing.

First Attempt:

I tried to install jruby under cygwin.  The installation requires jdk,
which for cygwin installation requires windows compilers.  I google
around, but was unable to get it working.

Question:  Does anybody have simple and clear instructions on how to
install jruby on cygwin, without the need of jdk intalled on the first
hand?  Some installations require ant, that, if I understand correctly
requires java.

Second Attemp:

I just installed the windows jruby installation.  Then fixed cygwin
path to point to jruby.   When I execute it I get: "cygpath: can´t
convert empty path".

Question: Is it reasonable to try to make this second approach work?
Could just fixing path and classpath or other variables or
configuration make this work or is it impossible to mix software
compiled for Windows to work under cygwing?

Thanks for any help,

Rodrigo Botafogo
Integrando TI ao seu negócio

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