Persistence of file implemented objects

Christopher Faylor
Sun Jul 1 23:35:00 GMT 2012

On Sun, Jul 01, 2012 at 07:17:15PM +0100, Richard H Lee wrote:
>> Fifos persist on reboot on Linux or Cygwin.  They live on the
>> filesystem.  I don't see how POSIX IPC shared memory and semaphores
>> could persist.
>Sorry, I meant unix/bsd sockets.

...which also persist on linux.

>Regarding the POSIX IPC's, they are stored in /dev . In regular *nix, 
>/dev do not represent "physical" files on the filesystem, hence they do 
>not persist over boot.
>In cygwin, they actually do represent physical files. So if they are not 
>freed correctly by the program, the persist over to the next boot.

what specific interface are you talking about which creates physical
files in /dev?

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