Password prompts for remote system echoing and not attaching

Andrew DeFaria
Thu Aug 30 04:55:00 GMT 2012

On 8/29/2012 1:12 PM, Earnie Boyd wrote:
> Yes, if you prefer to use the Cygwin terminal you must use a Cygwin
> client.  But you have a choice to use the native terminal with a
> Cygwin shell and native ftp client.  You could also do the following
> if you prefer the Cygwin terminal but do not want the Cygwin ftp
> client.
> cmd /c start ftp
> Which will open a native terminal with the ftp client waiting for input.
I've been wanting to bring this up for quite some time. I'm well aware 
of the problem with ptys that cause such problems. For example, when in 
a mintty terminal (or after having ssh'ed into Cygwin, etc.) when ptys 
are in use, programs like cleartool (from IBM/Rational Clearcase) and 
even Windows ftp, will not display a prompt and do things like not turn 
off echo properly thus echoing the password in the clear. Try running 
Windows ftp and give it no parms at all. It'll appear to be hung however 
if you type quit and return you get your prompt back.

And nobody really like the dumb windows console window.

But I found a terminal emulator that works well. It's called Console 
<>. It behaves much like mintty, 
doing copy and paste correctly, handling window resizing and even does 
transparency! And in some way this guy (Marko Bozikovic managed to solve the problem of ptys 
(maybe just because he doesn't use them). So if you want a pretty good 
terminal emulator to use instead of mintty that provides similar 
functionality but doesn't have the "pty problem" you might try Console.
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