mingw32-gcc and posix paths

JonY jon_y@users.sourceforge.net
Wed Aug 29 15:04:00 GMT 2012

On 8/29/2012 14:15, thoni56 wrote:
> thoni56 wrote
>> I'm in the process of going from gcc3 to gcc4. For one project I need to
>> build both cygwin and win32 executables so "-mno-cygwin" to "mingw32-gcc"
>> was an initial hurdle.
>> However that is now sorted out, but one thing puzzles me. If the mingw32
>> is a cygwin cross-compiler why does it not accept paths in the host format
>> (meaning cygwin, posix)? To me this seems very natural. Maybe  I'm biased,
>> but I see no other tools do that, expecting the command line to have the
>> format of the *target*.
>> mingw32-gcc also produces .d files in its native format by the way.
> I forgot to add that it is really this .d thing that makes it problematic.
> The makefiles generate separate subdirectories for various targets and also
> sets CFLAGS, CC, LINK et al. differently to allow different settings (and
> compilers, was my theory) for the different targets.
> Since mingw32-gcc and gcc generates .d files in incompatible formats (gcc
> really doesn't like "c:\..." in its .d files...) and those are included in
> the make file, even using different make:s does not solve the problem for
> me.
> Any ideas?

Cygwin does not and never has provided a "mingw32-gcc", but it has a
"i686-pc-mingw32-gcc", it is likely you used those from mingw.org.

mingw.org provides native toolchains, so it is not Cygwin aware, it
would explain your path issues.

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