Build script error (libiconv + custom prefix)

Tasos Laskos
Wed Aug 29 00:03:00 GMT 2012

> I already tried your script on a machine with Cygwin installed but
> without iconv and saw the same complaints from configure in your build
> script.  There are other configure flags for this package which could
> help if you want to experiment with them (assuming you haven't already).
> But also doing what the configure script recommends solves the problem.
> If you're content to do that, then you have a solution.  If you're not
> (as I expect you aren't) and the configure flags don't help, then I'd
> recommend talking to the package authors about the bump in the
> configure process you're noticing.

Well, I guess depending on libiconv isn't that bad since it's pretty 
much universally installed.
I'll give another shot to sorting this out but if I don't it's not the 
end of the world.

Thanks for the help Larry.

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