Build script error (libiconv + custom prefix)

Tasos Laskos
Tue Aug 28 03:45:00 GMT 2012

Hi folks,

I'm trying to port my project's [1] build/package script to Cygwin but 
I'm facing some difficulties during runtime.

It runs fine under Linux and OSX but I'm not sure if that's because 
these environments fulfil a dependency I'm unaware of, while Cygwin 
being a stripped down system does not, or something else.

Here's how to go about reproducing it.

To setup the Cygwin environment:
setup.exe -q -R c:\cygwin -l c:\cygwin-packages -P make,gcc,g++,perl,wget

To reproduce the issue open up the Cygwin shell:
mkdir lib
cd lib
wget --no-check-certificate
cd ..
wget --no-check-certificate

It fails when it tries to build the first dependency, libiconv, but I'm 
not sure why.
For some reason it looks for a /usr/lib/ while it has been 
configured with a different prefix.

Anyone have any ideas?

Tasos L.

[1] Arachni -

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