[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygport-0.11.0-1

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Mon Aug 27 12:47:00 GMT 2012

I have just released cygport-0.11.0 for the Cygwin distribution and the 
Fedora Cygwin repository.  New features in this release:

* Vastly improved dependency detection (works only on Cygwin):
- commands called by unindented fully-qualified path in 
postinstall/preremove scripts
- script interpreters called via shebang
- DLLs corresponding to import libraries
- Link libraries listed in .la libtool libraries
- Link libraries listed in pkg-config Libs: and Libs.private: fields
- Other pkg-config modules listed in pkg-config Requires: and 
Requires.private: fields
- GObject Introspection module and DLL dependencies
- Java jar dependencies (via java-jdepend)
- OCaml dependencies on other OCaml libraries (via ocaml-findlib) and 
native-code link libraries required by .cmxa files
- Perl, PHP, PyPy, Python, Ruby, and Tcl module dependencies
- Third-party Vala API module dependencies

* Automatic setup.hint generation.  This allows a .cygport file to be a 
completely self-contained, single-file packaging solution.  The 
[PKG_]CATEGORY (for category:), [PKG_]SUMMARY (for sdesc:), and 
[PKG_]DESCRIPTION (for ldesc:) variables (as documented in the manual) 
must be defined in order to activate this feature.  The requires: line 
is written automatically (but may be added to via [PKG_]REQUIRES) and 
displayed at the end of the packaging stage for verification; 
inter-subpackage dependencies are also detected.  Handwritten setup.hint 
files still work as before, and override automatic generation.

* New cygclasses: pypy, pypy-distutils, rubygem, sugar.

* .gem files are unpacked with gem(1) (integrated in ruby-1.9.x) and the 
.gemspec file is recreated in order to be patchable.  Sugar Activity 
bundles (.xo) are now supported.

Changes in this release (100):
       spec: update changelog
       Post-branch version bump
       list_deps: avoid variable proliferation
       list_deps: generalize function for future use
       list_deps: add dependencies from implibs
       list_deps: add pkg-config dependencies
       list_deps: add perl module dependencies
       list_deps: add ruby module dependencies
       list_deps: add python module dependencies
       list_deps: add python3 module dependencies
       prepstrip: rename debug source list
       pkg_pkg: record package contents during creation
       pkg_pkgcheck: ignore debuginfo files in PKG_IGNORE
       pkg_list: list subpackage interdependencies
       list_deps: add libtool library dependencies
       pkg_dist: add support for setup.hint autogeneration
       bootstrap: switch to autogenerated setup.hint
       pkg_dist: allow setup.hint autogeneration on non-native platforms
       prepstrip: remove executable perms from split debuginfo files
       prepstrip: do not strip Perl Archive (PAR) binaries
       list_deps: add postinst/prerm command dependencies
       postinst: remove conditionals from some postinstall scripts
       postinst: drop support for gdk-pixbuf < 2.22
       debuginfo: add cygwin-debuginfo to requires
       list_deps: add PHP module dependencies
       pkg_binpkg: remove .lst files from previous run
       pkg_dist: generate toplevel setup.hint when not in PKG_NAMES
       prepstrip: do not rename .sfx executables
       list_deps: add Java jar dependencies
       pkg_srcpkg: do not package empty .cygwin.patch
       list_deps: add GIR module dependencies
       list_deps: fix pkg-config interpackage dependencies
       list_deps: optimize find(1) calls for perl/php/python/ruby
       list_deps: do not require cygclasses for perl/python/ruby deps
       list_deps: fix interpackage dependencies for python3 package
       list_deps: support python multi-module imports
       list_deps: add Lua module dependencies
       pypy: new cygclass for PyPy modules
       pypy-distutils: new cygclass for building PyPy modules with Distutils
       python: mention pypy in docs
       distutils: add support for pypy
       check_funcs: add check_pypy_module
       list_deps: add PyPy module dependencies
       sugar: new cygclass for Sugar Activity packages
       pkg_diff: ignore Sugar generated locale files
       unpack: add support for Sugar Activity Bundles (.xo)
       list_deps: add shebang interpreter dependencies
       list_deps: fix missing xargs -r flag
       list_deps: fix interpackage dependencies for pypy
       list_deps: add third-party Vala API dependencies
       prep_xsessions: remove "Desktop" from shortcut name
       doc: fix formatting of REQUIRES and PKG_REQUIRES
       R: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       apache2: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       berkdb: provide CATEGORY, SUMMARY, and DESCRIPTION
       claws-mail: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       docbook: provide CATEGORY, SUMMARY, and DESCRIPTION
       ebook: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       ggz: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       gnustep: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       gst-plugins: provide SUMMARY
       aspell-dict: provide CATEGORY, SUMMARY, and DESCRIPTION
       gtk2-perl: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       gtkmm: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       php: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       pygtk: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       rox: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       ruby-gnome2: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       ruby: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       texlive: provide CATEGORY, SUMMARY, and DESCRIPTION
       xorg: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY
       perl: provide CATEGORY and SUMMARY, tweak HOMEPAGE
       aspell-dict: document ASPELL_LANG_FULL
       list_deps: add Perl module inheritance dependencies
       qt4: new installation scheme for cross-qmake/moc/rcc/uic
       pkg_dist: avoid empty sdesc in autogenerated setup.hint
       autotools: fix COPYING/INSTALL protection in subdirs
       Remove unnecessary Cygwin README
       Restore compatibility with older coreutils
       bootstrap: remove duplicate bash dependency
       README: update Ports git URIs
       ruby: fix compatibility with Ruby 1.9.x
       debuginfo: handle illegal debug source filenames
       unpack: use gem to unpack .gem files
       rubygem: new cygclass for RubyGems packages
       list_deps: add RubyGems module dependencies
       list_deps: fix cross-compiled libtool library dependencies
       list_deps: empty subpackages have no dependencies
       list_deps: add pkg-config dependencies on ordinary libraries
       list_deps: add Tcl module dependencies
       rubygem: use unversioned gemspec for easier patching
       ruby-gnome2: deprecated in favour of rubygem.cygclass
       rubygem: do not install empty docs
       list_deps: fix Perl use base/parent with qw detection
       clang: fix cross-compiling with unprefixed clang
       pkg_diff: add ar-lib to automake-generated ignored files
       list_deps: allow dependencies on pypy/python/python3 in one package
       list_deps: add OCaml module and link dependencies
       Update gnuconfig
       cygport 0.11.0




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