question: 'nxclient' won't connect with cygwin1.dll 1.7.16
Sun Aug 26 05:10:00 GMT 2012


Just upgraded from 1.7.5 to 1.7.16.

Curiously the NoMachine 'nxclient' application
doesn't work when the latest 'cygwin1.dll'
is copied into it's bin directory.

However it works fine with the older 1.7.5
'cygwin1.dll'.  Using the 1.7.5 DLL with
'nxclient' does not seem to cause problems
with other CYGWIN 1.7.16 applications.

Ever since 1.7 I've had to replace several
DLLs that come with 'nxclient' so they match
the installed CYGWIN or it fails to connect.

I realize that 'nxclient' is not supported
here.  Just wondering if anyone has an
idea why the latest 1.7.16 'cygwin1.dll'
is not working while 1.7.5 is working.
Also replacing, with 1.7.16:


and adding


Any thoughts, speculation, random guesses,
etc. welcome.

Since it's working it's not a big deal,
but I'm inclined to run matched CYGWIN
DLLs and am concerned that eventually
the 1.7.5 DLL might not get along with
newer DLLs.

'nxclient' version is 3.5.0-9 (latest).
The version of 'cygwin1.dll' that comes
with it is 1.5.25-cr-0x5f1

I've also sent a message to NoMachine so
they can take a look at it.


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