FW: Sudden failure of ssh sessions since upgrading to 1.7.16-1

Walker, Leon E walkerle@lsbu.ac.uk
Sun Aug 26 02:35:00 GMT 2012


Upgraded to 1.7.16-1 from 1.7.14-1

Seemed to be ok. But after some while using noticed ssh processes died suddenly - all attempts to start new ones fail.

Noticed sshd crashed and refused to start with errors:

Here is an extract of sshd.log (from the top):
c:\cygwin\tmp>type ..\var\log\sshd.log
assertion "i == 0" failed: file "/home/corinna/src/cygwin/cygwin-1.7.16/cygwin-1
.7.16-1/src/src/winsup/cygwin/pinfo.cc", line 319, function: void pinfo::init(pi
d_t, DWORD, void*)
assertion "i == 0" failed: file "/home/corinna/src/cygwin/cygwin-1.7.16/cygwin-1
.7.16-1/src/src/winsup/cygwin/pinfo.cc", line 319, function: void pinfo::init(pi
d_t, DWORD, void*)
Stack trace:
Frame     Function  Args
00289154  76B71194  (00000548, 0000EA60, 00000000, 00289288)
00289168  76B71148  (00000548, 0000EA60, 000000A4, 00289264)
00289288  610DBE29  (00000000, 7754E231, 00000544, FFFFFFFF)
00289378  610D915E  (00000000, 35364132, 36444546, 00020021)
002893D8  610D962E  (77DDE36C, 77DDE0D2, 002894B8, 00000006)
00289488  610D9780  (000017E4, 00000006, 00895868, 611E65C0)
002894A8  610D97AC  (00000006, 0028CE80, 00895870, 611E5BB0)
002894D8  610D9A85  (611A1084, 611E5C46, 611E5BB0, 0000013F)
00289538  610014D0  (611E5BB0, 0000013F, 611E65C0, 611E5C46)
002899C8  610AE164  (00000544, 00000000, 00000550, 00000001)
00289E48  610B0B14  (00289EA8, 00000000, 77DCF911, 74F6206F)
00289E68  610B1104  (00289EA8, 00000000, 01132188, 00289F04)
00289ED8  610D9300  (00003184, 00289F4C, 00000001, 00000000)
00289F38  610D970E  (0028A0D8, 00289F58, 76B71148, 0000001C)
00289FE8  610D97EA  (FFFFCE7C, 0000001C, 0028A084, 0042BC2E)
0028A068  6106EE5F  (00000006, 00005402, 0028A084, 8003DC94)
End of stack trace (more stack frames may be present)

I attach cygcheck.out:

Any help you can give will be much appreciated

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