gzip 1.4-1 creates corrupt archive

Peter murrxx3@arcor.de
Sat Aug 25 11:18:00 GMT 2012

To trim a log file on my windows box I tried the lines below in a bash
script. (my bash is 4.1.10(4))
cat "$LOG" | gzip > "$LOG.old.gz"
> "$LOG"
The resulting archive was corrupt.
Directly compressing like  gzip "$LOG"  works OK but is not suitable in my
case as the logging service constantly writes to the file
I also tried the -c and -a options of gzip but did not succeed.
>From my investigation I suspect there is something with textmode and binmode
but I do not fully understand how to deal with it.
What I finally found is that bzip2 works in the above line.
So my solution is to use bzip2 instead of gzip.
So my question is:  why can't  gzip  do it automatically if bzip2 can?

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