Non-interactive SSH connection fails - error: can't open /dev/tty: No such device or address - Host key verification failed

Costin Caraivan
Fri Aug 24 14:30:00 GMT 2012

> Can we see cygcheck -srv output for both machines?  Does it work going
> from client to client or server to server (i.e. 1 machine only).  Are
> you up-to-date?  If so, does the latest snapshot help?

This is the output:

> <>

I'd rather not update the installations until I'm sure that it's a Cygwin bug.

>> Any other extra debugging ideas? By the way, where can I see the
>> Cygwin SSHD server logs? In /var/logs/sshd.log is empty :(
> '/var/log/sshd.log'.  But it will be empty if nothing noteworthy
> has occurred.  If you want to see more chatter, add a new service entry
> to run sshd with debug flags.  You can grab the details for how to set up
> a sshd service from '/bin/ssh-host-config' but the basics are:
> /usr/bin/cygrunsrv -I sshd_debug -d "CYGWIN Debug sshd" -p /usr/sbin/sshd -a
> "-D -d -d -d" -y tcpip -u cyg_server -w <your cyg_server password here>
> The three "-d" flags are the important part.  To start this service, use:
> /usr/bin/cygrunsrv -S sshd_debug
> This will need to be restarted with each connection attempt.  Also, you
> should stop your regular sshd service while running this so they don't
> conflict.
> /usr/bin/cygrunsrv -E sshd
> Apologies for typos.
> --
> Larry

Thanks, I'll try the debugging option. I've tried creating a batch
script manually and launching the command. Is it possible that the
terminal type or the interactive/non-interactive influences the SSH
connection? Jenkins launches the batch script from Java, I'm not sure
exactly how, probably:
When I create the script myself and launch it from bash or cmd.exe,
the command works. Not so from Jenkins.

The thing is, the same command used to work, and Jenkins itself hasn't
been updated. The server Cygwin also hasn't changed. So I'm trying to
figure out which client or OS configuration option changed, so I can
revert it. But I'm not sure what to look for :(
Costin Caraivan

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