Setup 2.774 texlive postinstall takes 10+ hours (resending due to cygwin bounce)

Ken Brown
Thu Aug 23 15:27:00 GMT 2012

On 8/23/2012 6:03 AM, wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just completed a cygwin install, which seemed to take an
> extraordinary length of time, so I started googling and found the article
> "Setup 1.7.11 texlive postinstall takes 6+ hours". Ken Brown's response to
> that post was hopeful, but may have underestimated the scope of the
> problem, putting it down to "something else going on with your system,
> maybe having to do with your VM." My installation was on a laptop, not a
> VM, and while I wouldn't claim that it's a powerful machine, I'm still
> very surprised at the install time. I also think it remarkable that most
> (something like 90%) of the install time was spent in the texlive
> postinstall phase; so in other words, most of the install ran at an
> acceptable speed (~16 mins to get to the start of the postinstall phase-
> not too bad for a slow laptop) but the first texlive task
> ("/etc/postinstall/") then took 25 mins- more
> than the rest of the install up to that point.
> So, I would say to Ken Brown- "Keep up the good work"- but please consider
> raising its priority! At the time of writing you had fixed 29 postinstall

There is definitely some inefficiency in the postinstall scripts when 
many texlive-collection-* packages are installed at once.  I'm working 
on finding a better way of doing it.  See the thread starting at

> scripts and there were 45 remaining. Some users are being hit very hard by
> this and in fact I aborted the install several times before I realized
> that it wasn't hanging completely and that the postfix to the
> "/etc/postinstall/texlive-..." message in the install window was actually
> changing from time to time- it was that slow! I can send the
> setup.log.full if you want to see the timestamps for yourself.

Yes, I would like to see setup.log.full.  If it's huge, you can send it 
off list, or just post it somewhere for me to download.


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