Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Wed Aug 22 21:18:00 GMT 2012

Christopher Faylor writes:
> If we are changing a longstanding behavior then I agree with Daniel that
> this is a bad idea.  You're just asking for people to be confused.

Again, I'm not arguing for changing the default.  In fact, as long as
ORIGINAL_PATH stays available it might even still be added to PATH in
/etc/profile, although I still think it is cleaner to install
/etc/profile.d/00_add_windows_path.sh in base-files with the contents
I've shown.  If it's already been added then removing it with just the
means of a POSIX shell is a bit involved, but even that would be a

> If you want to make it easy to remove the Windows PATH then I guess I
> can see why that would be useful but it seems like anyone for whom this
> would be an issue would know how to do this anyway so I don't see why we
> have to go to great lengths to accommodate anyone who wants this.

The issue is that to effect that customization I have to change a file
that is not supposed to be changed (since that prevents any updates from
getting to it automatically).

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