semi-automated installation and/or updates

Earnie Boyd
Mon Aug 20 18:57:00 GMT 2012

On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 11:14 PM, Andrey Repin wrote:
>> I added the call to rebaseall because of this post by Corinna:
>> Installing more packages that are forgotten in the first run of
>> setup.exe is what I (and I suspect others) do all the time.  I would
>> love to get some feedback either way on this issue.
> That's something that should be handled in setup.exe, IMO.
> May be it's worth putting a clear note, that this is a workaround for existing
> inconsistency? (With a reference you gave me here.)

I would like to know why you gave the response that it shouldn't be
run manually unless there is good reason.  What harm might happen?


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