Need help creating a script that is ran from a batch file.

Michael Steele
Sun Aug 19 19:55:00 GMT 2012

I know very little about creating a script under cygwin. I have a particular 
tack that doesn't change and I'm running it manually. I'm thinking that since 
it doesn't change that it could be automated. As you can see below I'm 
compiling three programs and the last program is my executable.

The first time I setup the cygwin environment it doesn't need to 'make clean'. 
I'm not sure if it hurts to run 'make clean' if it doesn't need to. Maybe a 
check in place would be prudent if it shouldn't be running 'make clean if it 
doesn't need to?

Here are the commands I run from within cygwin:

Open the Cygwin terminal

cd /cygdrive/e/development/cygwin/mysql-5.5.25a/
make clean
perl cmake/
make && make mysqlclient && make install

cd /cygdrive/e/development/cygwin/postgresql-9.1.4/
make clean
make && make install

cd /cygdrive/e/development/cygwin/barnyard2/
make clean
./configure --with-mysql --with-postgresql
make && make install

When it completesw the process I need it to create a folder and copy all the 
prudent files and folder. I'm not sure if the below are correct syntax.

mkdir /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barn/

cp /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barnyard2/src/.libs/barnyard2.exe /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barn

cp /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barnyard2/etc/ /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barn/etc/

cp /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barnyard2/schemas/ /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barn/schemas/

cp /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barnyard2/etc/barnyard2.conf /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barn/

cp /cygdrive/e/cygwin/bin/cyggcc_s-1.dll /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barn/

cp /cygdrive/e/cygwin/bin/cygwin1.dll /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barn/

cp /cygdrive/e/cygwin/bin/cygz.dll /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barn/

cp /cygdrive/e/cygwin/usr/local/mysql/lib/cygmysqlclient-
18.dll /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barn/

cp /cygdrive/e/cygwin/usr/local/pgsql/lib/cygpq.dll /cygdrive/e/cygwin/barn/

then exit

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