Stop with the automatic updates

Linda Walsh
Sun Aug 19 09:17:00 GMT 2012

Filipp Gunbin wrote:
> On 17/08/2012 14:46, Herbert Stocker wrote:
>> Or am i misunderstanding the radio buttons for keep, cur and exp? 
> From Cygwin UG: "All packages can be set to stay at the installed
> version by pressing the Keep button in the top right part of the chooser
> window.".
> Why don't you use that radio?
	Cuz then you can't see what updates are available.  If you
select 'keep', the "New" version becomes 'keep', instead of whatever
is available.

Perhaps missing a separation of what is available (available)
from action.  Notice there is no action column -- there is only
a column what the new state will be after the program is run --
which is a bit odd to be the only display for an installer that
is run that's used to update a current system.

Either another column -- or colors like maybe the Current column would
be 'blue' if there is an Experimental version available (and you have
current), and 'yellow' if your version is older or more stale than
the current version...?

It comes up for request often -- but other issues usually have priority
than an installer that 'works' (though it might be inconvenient)...

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