semi-automated installation and/or updates

Tom Schutter
Sat Aug 18 17:05:00 GMT 2012

I have seen various scripts that do semi-automated installation and/or
updates of Cygwin, but none seemed to have all of the features that I
wanted.  So I wrote yet another batch file which can be found at:

Features of this batch file:
* Mostly hands-free, except for stopping of running Cygwin
  processes and configuration of newly installed services.
* Stops and starts Cygwin services.
* Lists running Cygwin processes (setup.exe informs you that
  they are running, but does not list them).
* Fetches latest setup.exe from
* Installs standard set of packages.
* Updates all installed packages.
* Runs rebaseall.
* Installs standard services (syslogd, sshd).
* Installs cyglsa.

Most likely you will want to edit the configuration section at about
line 48 to change the package list, install dir, and mirror site.

Please feel free to use for whatever nefarious purposes you would like.
Suggestions and improvements are welcome.

As a bonus feature, I also wrote an uninstall script:

The uninstall script attempts to do all of the steps listed at:

Tom Schutter

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