Which version of cygwin 'rock solid'

Devin Nate devin.nate@cloudwerx.com
Fri Aug 17 23:58:00 GMT 2012

Hi all;

We use Cygwin in a product we create. Thank you all for the work to make it such a wonderful product. Our use of the Cygwin env is very limited, comprised of only:  cygwin dll 1.7.9, ssh.exe, rsync.exe, openssl.exe, and required dlls. Our product rarely changes, so stability is paramount. It's installed on all variety of machines, and if it stops working is a very costly job to correct.

One of the benefits of this list is that you get to see all the development going on. One of the drawbacks is that it's hard to tell if there are more or less stable versions of Cygwin.

My question, of the Cygwin users (or developers), which version would you select if your goal was maximum stability? 1.7.9 or current 1.7.16 or something else?  This has become a question recently as we have a potential requirement to do some updates, and shipping a whole new version on 1.7.16 seems attractive.  Alternatively, we can do a semi-cross compile (rebuild ssh on 1.7.16 and run on 1.7.9, which we generally don't like to do).  I know 1.7.10 and above had some pretty substantial changes.

Is 1.7.16 super stable, and all the updates/talk on the list is primarily side-cases.

Which version would you use?  Which version(s) would you describe as being the most rock-solid?


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