Updated: CMake 2.8.9-2

Jacob Adopley jadopley@gtuc.edu.gh
Fri Aug 17 22:13:00 GMT 2012

Thanks I tried it but it did not work. I can compile my C++, C and Fortran programs even with object versions just like I used to do. It is only the JAVA programs that is the trouble. Is there a new command now to compile java programs on GNU GCC apart from javac?

I saw a command like gcj! What does this do? Does it compile java programs instead of the javac? Or if you know someone who compiles java programs on  cygwing could the person guide me to achieve the same aim? 

Thank you guys for the excellent job you are doing!! You know you don't have to care about my problem but you do! That is the beauty of what you guys do! May God give you guys the longest life on earth with strength and power to continue your fine job! 

I still have my problem though! 
jacob k. adopley

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Subject: Updated: CMake 2.8.9-2

CMake 2.8.9-2  is now available on Cygwin mirrors. This is a cygwin only
patch release.  The only difference between 2.8.9-1 and 2.8.9-2 is the
addition of the ccmake which was inadvertently left out of the 2.8.9-1




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