Promote sqlite 3.7.13-1 from test status?

Brian Wilson
Fri Aug 17 19:49:00 GMT 2012

> Sometimes I don't understand the antagonism towards interop with native 
> Windows programs that don't do anything unusual and do things by the 
> (Windows) book.  It seems like it defeats the point of the project 
> if that goes too far.  What's wrong with being pragmatic sometimes? 

There is nothing wrong with running native windoze programs under Cygwin, 
but running Windoze programs is not the purpose of Cygwin/Posix environment; 
that is the purpose of Windoze.  When the Windoze programs don't work and 
play well in the Posix environment; it's to bad they violate Posix's 
environment but no reason why Cygwin should abandon its purpose just so a 
couple of rude people won't have to do the difficult work of porting a 
package.  If SQLite has a *inux version available, that should use the 
proper Poxix locking anyway.  Is there some reason you can't you use this 
version as the basis for your port? 

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