Stop with the automatic updates

Herbert Stocker
Fri Aug 17 11:55:00 GMT 2012

On 17.08.2012 09:17, Gary wrote:
> Every time I use it I have to remember to deselect all the packages it
> marks for "upgrade". Why? Why is it so bad to want to use Subversion
> release 1.6, for example? Especially since 1.7 does not work with
> working copies created under 1.6. Why should we expose ourselves to new
> bugs in newer releases when we're quite happy to live with previous
> versions?
> I feel like I'm in Windows Update hell with the Cygwin Setup the way it
> is.
i have a similar desire:
At least a possibility to deselect them with only a few clicks would be 
desired. Sometimes
i want to install only one package without waiting for the whole list of 
pending stuff to
download and run.

Or am i misunderstanding the radio buttons for keep, cur and exp?


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