Promote sqlite 3.7.13-1 from test status?

Thrall, Bryan
Thu Aug 16 15:06:00 GMT 2012

Warren Young wrote on 2012-08-16: 
> Dev Fred likes to use the GUI TortoiseSVN client most of the time.
> (Fred is a little strange, but we like him anyway.)

My particular use case is 99% of the time, I use Cygwin SVN, but once in a while TortoiseSVN's revision graph is useful. I think what makes this a bigger problem than "Don't use Windows apps at the same time on the same files as you are using Cygwin on" is just having TortoiseSVN installed triggers the SQLite locking problem, so Fred or I might not have used TortoiseSVN all week but it's still interfering with Cygwin SVN because of its Windows Explorer hooks.

Turning TortoiseSVN's icon overlay caching to "Shell" (or "None") has fixed the problem for me, but I haven't tried SQLite compiled without the Windows file locking. IMHO, if that combination works (icon caching off, SQLite using Cygwin locking), that's the way to go.

>   What are Fred's options?
> Option 1: Download the native Windows Subversion port.  Sensible, but it
> means you have to use a crippled shell.

Apologies for being pedantic, but TortoiseSVN already provides Windows Subversion command line tools. Your point of the crippled shell stands, however :)

Bryan Thrall
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