Question about UAC and bash/cygwin

Lord Laraby
Thu Aug 16 14:04:00 GMT 2012

On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Aug 16 07:06, Lord Laraby wrote:
>>  My, major emphasis is recognizing in the Cygwin dll
>> or startup code somewhere) that the user has full Administrator rights
>> and simply replacing his normal UID with 0 (or that of whomever root
>> seems to be by /etc/passwd). Internally (at cygwin.dll level) he/she
>> is still the same user, but the desired effects would be that bash and
>> others might change his prompt to '#' and that scripts can check for
>> admin rights and files he/she created would become owned by UID 0 (or
>> the Administrators group).

See, here where I said I want to know if the user is in fact
"elevated"?  I'm always a member of the Administrators Group (group
544) even when I have no such privileges to "administer" the system.

> What is it good for to have uid 0?  You want to know if you have admin
> rights, so why don't you simply check for the admin group in the
> supplementary group list?

The uid 0 feature is just a unixy way of indicating that my account
has already passed and accepted the UAC and I'm now running as a
normal admin (not a puny user).

> Here's what I do in my tcsh ~/.cshrc profile to set the prompt:
>   id -G | egrep -q '\<544\>' && set prompt = '#  || set prompt = '\$ '

I can set that. But then I'm still fooling myself if I am not running
with escalated privileges, I'm no more 'root' than my cat is.

> Corinna

Thanks for the advice though. I'll work on something to get what I am seeking.


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