Perl 5.14 and XML::Parser

Thomas Wicklund
Thu Aug 16 07:40:00 GMT 2012

The update of perl on to 5.14 moved some perl modules to a new perl_vendor package which is not installed by default.  The announcement I found stated that perl_vendor is modules "which are mainly required to build and test and report test results of other CPAN modules."

I find that the XML::Parser module (at least) has been moved.  I've been using this module for years to parse XML output for a set of Subversion tools.  I had a couple hours of digging today to figure out why a coworker started getting errors after updating Cygwin, then figuring out the new package.
As an occasional user of perl I would much prefer that the maximum number of packages be included in the distribution (since disk space and bandwidth are constantly becoming cheaper) than to have to spend time figuring out why something can't be found.

Thomas Wicklund

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