Cygwin crashes in kill_pgrp, _pinfo truncation issue.

Andrey Khalyavin
Wed Aug 15 13:10:00 GMT 2012

I finally got a cygwin crash dump from our build bots. It shows, that
cygwin1.dll crashes in kill_pgrp function on line:
	  (pid > 1 && p->pgid != pid) ||
where p is a pointer to _pinfo. This function enumerates all _pinfo's
and executes this line for all of them which pass p->exists() check.
In crash dump p points to _pinfo that has process_state equal to
PID_IN_USE | PID_EXECED. As far as I understand, such _pinfo's
have smaller size and so accessing pgid field leads to crash.
I found a past thread that describes very similar problem:

We obviously need to add a check for PID_EXECED in this function. But
I'm worried that we can still have a race condition where
external process can truncate the structure just after our check.

Some ideas how to fix this race condition (if it exists):
1. Use ReadProcessMemory for memory access.
2. Move command line to the end of the structure and extend
PINFO_REDIR_SIZE to include all important fields.
3. Make proper synchronization. Not sure how it should be done in this
case. Since this is a memory mapped file, one may need
to use functions like LockFile.

Andrey Khalyavin

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