Question about UAC and bash/cygwin

Lord Laraby
Wed Aug 15 02:09:00 GMT 2012

Hi Folks,

I've scanned months of the mailing list archives for an answers and
searched until I've run out of ideas.

What I want to figure out is this. When I run bash --login -i in an
elevated command prompt, or I use "elevate bash --login -i" or any
other variation, I don't get any sign of being root or having
privileges. But, I can invoke privileged operations and use chmod,
chown, etc. on files and read, write,delete in Administrator only
directories from bash. These are places you can only change in a
raised privilege state.

My /etc/passwd and /etc/group have been automatically created and
updated to have user "root" connected to the S-1-5-32-544 sid as I
think I saw in one of the guides. My local administrator account has
the username "admin".


1) Example, "id" still shows my normal userid and default group of
'"none" even though I am a member of root's (Administrators) group.
None of the scripts that check for administrator level seem to work.
Am i doing it wrong?

2) I can't ssh into the box as "root" because there is no group
password in Windows 7. Should there be a way to assign own?

3) If I use the local administrators account, none of the files or
directories has "root" as user or group. But shouldn't they?

4) There is no newgrp command so I can't join any of my other assigned
groups. So, "umask" doesn't do as I want. If there a better way to
change to the root group?

5) When I ran sshd-host-config I get a slew of warnings about not
being able to do that (on both .\Administrator and on elevated normal
login). However, the service is created and the users cyg_server and
sshd are as well with the proper groups and privileges. Howver, it
fails to set the owner or access rights on /etc/ssh* or /var/log/sshd
or /var/log/lastlog. What is the proper way to have done this on
WIndows 7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit Service Pack I?

6) Cygwin is a great package and works better than SFU/SUA which I
also have installed. Is there any way I can help make the security
stuff more unixy?

Thanks in advance for any answers or replies.

Lord Laraby

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