imagemagick errors under cygwin on 64-bit Win 7 system

Paul Thompson
Tue Aug 14 20:19:00 GMT 2012

> Paul,
> it is not a rebase error.
> It is ImageMagick mishandling the missing font.
> GraphickMagick equivalent is correctly handling the case and the
> error message is more clear.
> $ gm  montage -label "D Brausch Wedding,1951" zimg002.miff -font Arial
> -pointsize 20 -frame 40 -geometry +0+0 zimg002.png
> gm montage: Unable to read font (arial.ttf) [No such file or directory].
> The workaround for both "montage" and "gm montage" is to copy arial.ttf
> in the current directory
> something like
> "cp /cygdrive/c/Windows/Fonts/arial.ttf ."
> ImageMagick is also able to use the TTF font if installed in the X
> directory  /usr/share/fonts/TTF and montage is run inside xterm
> instead of mintty.
> GM is not handling such case, but I have no time to investigate.
> Regards
> Marco

I will try that tonight. The other install of ImageMagick also gave me
the arial font error, but handled it more gracefully.

Is there some way to getting the fonts on to the path so that I don't
need to do the copy around? It seems odd that fonts cannot be located
in some sensible manner.

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