imagemagick errors under cygwin on 64-bit Win 7 system

marco atzeri
Tue Aug 14 19:39:00 GMT 2012

On 8/14/2012 7:44 PM, Paul Thompson wrote:
>> There's autorebase, which is called from setup, but the method is not
>> entirely foolproof.  If you installed exactly once and then don't start
>> setup again unless new packages are available, you're ok, but if you
>> start setup a couple of times to install more packages you forgot in
>> the first run, then autorebase won't be triggered and the DLLs installed
>> in the subsequent setup runs won't be rebased.  A manual rebaseall
>> will fix that.
> And that is exactly what I did - I ran setup several times to add stuff.
> I will do the manual rebaseall

it is not a rebase error.
It is ImageMagick mishandling the missing font.

GraphickMagick equivalent is correctly handling the case and the
error message is more clear.

$ gm  montage -label "D Brausch Wedding,1951" zimg002.miff -font Arial 
-pointsize 20 -frame 40 -geometry +0+0 zimg002.png
gm montage: Unable to read font (arial.ttf) [No such file or directory].

The workaround for both "montage" and "gm montage" is to copy arial.ttf
in the current directory
something like
"cp /cygdrive/c/Windows/Fonts/arial.ttf ."

ImageMagick is also able to use the TTF font if installed in the X
directory  /usr/share/fonts/TTF and montage is run inside xterm
instead of mintty.
GM is not handling such case, but I have no time to investigate.


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