Strange "mouse" behavior in mintty

Ryan Johnson
Tue Aug 14 05:38:00 GMT 2012

On 13/08/2012 10:04 PM, Herbert Stocker wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
> On 13.08.2012 15:33, Ryan Johnson wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm hitting  a mouse-related (?) problem with mintty in non-mouse mode.
>> STC A: Log into a remote machine, invoke `sleep 10', and -- during 
>> the wait --- click anywhere on the line containing the cursor.
>> STC B: Open tinyirc and click anywhere on the text entry line at the 
>> bottom
>> Both cases will insert a long string like this: 
>> ^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C^[[C (only about 4x 
>> longer)
> Did you notice that when you click somewhere in the command line, the 
> cursor moves
> to that position? i think it has to do with that.
> Go to the options dialog, select "Mouse" and uncheck "Clicks place 
> command line cursor".
> The effect should go away.
Yes, that's the feature I was saying is probably related (see quote 
below). I don't want to disable it because it's immensely useful... I 
just don't want it dumping a mountain of ^[[C escapes at odd times.

Poking around in terminfo docs says CSI C is a "non-destructive move 
right" ("cuf1" in terminfo parlance). Sounds like exactly the right 
thing to send, but I guess shells (or curses apps) that don't correctly 
handle cuf1 would give this behavior... though I'm surprised that 
cygwin's bash can handle it and linux can't, especially when it works 
during normal line editing. Or maybe it's ssh... my sshd won't run right 
now so I can't test that hypothesis.


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