Cygwin setup scrambled permissions

Lord Laraby
Mon Aug 13 13:33:00 GMT 2012

That situation averted. I rebooted the PC into safe mode to try and
make repairs. But, apparently, just rebooting made all the bad files
and folders go away.

However, I have a new problem with postinstall autorebase.bat ...

It fails with exit code 1 - and prints that it can't find a dll.

/usr/lib/perl5/5.14/i686-cygwin-threads-64int/CORE/cygperl5_14_2.dll: skipped be
cause nonexistent.

It's simply a symlink to a nonexistent file in /bin cygperl5_14_2.dll

I've reinstalled the perl package twice and it's always missing and
still recreating the symlink. So it won't complete autorebaseall.

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