Side-by-side configuration is incorrect reported as permission denied

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Aug 13 10:05:00 GMT 2012

On Aug 13 10:24, Herbert Stocker wrote:
> There is no need for the 'no', i'd suggest ELIBBAD.

Not bad, either.  So we have ELIBACC, ELIBBADD, and ENOPKG as 

> (And to bring back to memory, i'd also suggest to add EFAIL be added)

Here's a clear "no".  EFAIL is not a useful error message.  It's not
even slightly wrong, like EACCES in this case might be, it's entirely
lacking information.  What's the accompanying error message?  "Something
failed"?  "An error occured, but I have no idea what"?

This reminds me of the old awk, which apparently only knew two error

  awk: syntax error near line x
  awk: bailing out near line x

In which scenario would such an EFAIL be really useful, which wouldn't
be better covered by an error code which contains at least *some*
information about the cause?


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