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Tom Schutter
Fri Aug 10 01:15:00 GMT 2012

On 03 Aug 2012 09:34:14, Larry Hall wrote:
> On 8/2/2012 6:10 PM, J.V. wrote:
> > I want cygwin to silently run the package manager and update my system
> > everytime I login.
> >
> > I have over 100 vm's that I use for various things and it is quite the
> > hassle to update every component in the system on each launch so am looking
> > for solutions or ideas on how to automatically update things like:
> >
> > cygwin
> See <>

You can't run the package manager every time you login, because many
times you must kill all Cygwin processes (which includes your login
shell) during the update.

For a script that makes use of the FAQ section that Larry mentioned, see:

It is not perfect, but it does do 80% of the work.  It does stop Cygwin
services, but it does not stop non-service Cygwin processes.  The next
improvement is to detect those...

Tom Schutter

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