Windows clipboard and Emacs yank, kill-region, and kill-ring-save

Tim McDaniel
Wed Aug 8 21:11:00 GMT 2012

I have updated my packages to the latest versions.  I have long had
- emacs
- emacs-X11
- emacs-el
- xemacs-emacs-common
- X11

In Emacs, ^Y is the default keystroke for the basic "yank", to paste
the contents of the most recently element of the kill ring (the text
most recently cut or copied in Emacs).  Until some time in the past
few weeks, I am 80% sure that ^Y would grab out of the Windows
clipboard -- that is, I could copy in Windows using ^C or Ctrl-Ins,
and then use ^Y in Emacs to paste it.

But I think that sometime in the last few weeks, perhaps with the
end-of-July update of Emacs in Cygwin, it stopped working.  Now, ^Y
only pastes what was killed (or copied) in Emacs.  Similarly, if I
kill or copy text in Emacs, it's not put into the Window clipboard.

Any Emacs users out there?

Am I misremembering the old behavior?  At home I use Linux, and there
the X clipboard and Emacs clipboard usually work together (modulo
X having more than one).

If I'm not, did something change, and can I do some setting to obviate
it in Emacs?

Tim McDaniel,

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