CygWin SVN should identify as CygWin

David Rothenberger
Wed Aug 8 16:58:00 GMT 2012

On 8/7/2012 1:16 AM, Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
> from what I can tell, a user of CygWin SVN has no possibilities to be
> aware of the fact that it is indeed CygWin SVN, and not another program.
> This is the root cause for problems like

As the volunteer Cygwin Subversion packager, I guess I should chime in here.

I'm not going to customize the --version string to indicate SVN is
Cygwin. I have no idea if other tools or scripts are parsing this, so
I'm not going to make it different from what --version reports on all
other platforms.

As others have mentioned, there are several other solutions, such as
looking at the output of "which svn". (If it says /usr/bin/svn, it's
Cygwin.) It is also possible to do a functionality test, e.g. by looking
at the output of "svn info /tmp".

Another possibility is to use Subversion bindings instead of the CLI, as
others have mentioned. For Java apps, there is also SVNKit, a 100% Java
subversion library implementation.

Regarding the problem with Maven you referenced, a better solution (and
one suggested in the comments) is to add an option to Maven so one can
configure which svn binary is used. Failing that, one can easily write a
wrapper script for Maven that will put a native svn binary ahead of the
Cygwin one in the path.

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