Fw: perl-libwin32 v. 0.28-3 installation fails with cryptic error message & crashes setup.exe

Oren Cheyette OCheyette@LoomisSayles.com
Tue Aug 7 18:44:00 GMT 2012

When attempting to update cygwin package perl-libwin32  I get an error 
message (dialog box) "Package file perl-libwin32 has a corrupt local copy, 
please remove and retry." at which point setup exits. I tried to uninstall 
the package first, then reinstall, but get the same error. Setup is 
attempting to install v. 0.28-3. The prior version 0.28-2 seems to install 

The installation is on 64 bit Win7 SP1.

I had previously attempted (and failed) to install Win32::Registry and 
Win32API::Registry from CPAN before realizing that the components I was 
after are probably part of the perl-libwin32 cygwin package. 

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