cygwin 1.7.15: svn disk I/O error

Michael Gundlach
Tue Aug 7 14:05:00 GMT 2012


On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 12:07 AM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>Is the snapshot that cgf is testing going to roll back svn to SQLite
> Huh?  No.  I really have to point out that the Cygwin DLL != SQLite?

I'm not familiar with the snapshot process, and I didn't realize from
your wording that a snapshot only contained the Cygwin DLL itself:

"We're considering rolling a new release which fixes some of the
problems which have cropped up here in the last few weeks.  So, if you
haven't already, we'd appreciate having people try out the latest
snapshot at: ."

Warren has set me straight.

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