cygwin 1.7.15: svn disk I/O error

Michael Gundlach
Tue Aug 7 12:16:00 GMT 2012

On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 10:21 PM, Warren Young <> wrote:
>>> What reason could there be for a new Cygwin DLL to be accompanied by a
>>> new
>>> version of SQLite?  Their maintainerships are entirely decoupled.
>> Pardon my ignorance; I'm not familiar with the release process.
> Well, to a first approximation, it's entirely asynchronous.  Every package
> maintainer releases versions on whatever schedule they wish. There are
> probably dozens of active Cygwin package maintainers.

Got it; I had somehow gotten the impression that there was one big
synchronized release-to-production of the Cygwin binary and all

> You have to enter the Cygwin Time Machine to do that:


> Bottom line: it's going to take at least a few days if you want to wait,
> maybe a week, maybe more.  If you have to have a fix today, use the Time
> Machine.

Thanks for the insight into the package release process.  Given that
branch reintegration is so dicey that I've ended up doing
  while [ 1 ]; do
    cleanup && revert && reintegrate && break;
, I think I'll use the Time Machine :)


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