Xemacs: Adding a Font

Tom Szczesny tavmem@gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 02:22:00 GMT 2012

Never mind.  I figured it out.
The fonts are installed in Windows.

On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 7:27 PM, Tom Szczesny <tavmem@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Mark (for the Cygwin/X suggestions).
> I went the X-route in Cygwin only because that is what I did in Gentoo.
> But Xemacs works perfectly well in Cygwin w/o starting an X-server.
> So, the X-server appears to be a needless step.
> However, the fonts displayed by Xemacs (when not using X-server)
> are quite different than the fonts (with X-server).
> I suspect that the fonts (when not using X-server) are stored in a
> completely different place.
> (not in   /usr/share/fonts/misc)
> Where does Xemacs get its fonts (when not using X-server)?

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