Ctrl+C not working with windows programs in Cygwin 1.7.16

Marcin Kielar marcin.kielar@gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 19:19:00 GMT 2012

2012-08-03 18:23, Christopher Faylor:
> I've uploaded a snapshot which should fix this issue.

Confirmed to be working on snapshot 20120803:

1. Ctrl+C breaks ping loop - OK
2. Ctrl+C breaks Java process started through a `bat` file - OK

> It's likely that
> we will now hear from the other contingent of people who will be outraged
> that Cygwin now behaves differently.
> Welcome to Cygwin Open Source development.

I salute you from the corporate hell of clueless users and conflicting 
requirements. ;-)

Marcin Kielar

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