HOME directory has somehow been overridden

Soumya Roy roy.valmont@gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 16:22:00 GMT 2012

Hi Andrey !

I get what you mean....
I definitely must have made a mistake while trying to fix the problem,
the analogy of what I was doing is like that of black box testing, I
try to fix in some way but I don't really "know" what is going on
inside and I just check the result...;-)
Howver as it turns out, previously when I was typing "$ ls ~"    I was
getting the contents of "Documents and Settings/Valnt"....but now
however "$ ls ~"   gives me the actual proper content of
"/cygwin/home/Valnt"....which is perfect...however the basic problem
still remains i.e the initial directory(after starting cygwin) that I
am in is "Documents and Settings/Valnt"...
so this is what I want to "fix"...
Any suggestion is much appreciated.

On 8/3/12, Andrey Repin <anrdaemon@freemail.ru> wrote:
> Greetings, Soumya Roy!
>> Just to give the last few lines of my /etc/passwd file:-
>> /home/SUPPORT_388945a0:/bin/bash
>> VALNT:unused:1003:513:U-SMEI-EC058E66\VALNT,S-1-5-21-1614895754-178822364\
>> 8-725345543-1003:/home/VALNT:/bin/bash
> My only question: Why you're doing this?
> Isn't your profile directory is a logical location for your $HOME?
> Other than that, check all settings that may affect it.
> Environment variable, as suggested, being one of them.
> --
> WBR,
> Andrey Repin (anrdaemon@freemail.ru) 03.08.2012, <01:27>
> Sorry for my terrible english...

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