HOME directory has somehow been overridden

Soumya Roy roy.valmont@gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 17:30:00 GMT 2012

Hi everybody,
first of all I'm not a 'knows the ins and outs' user of
cygwin(although I absolutely love using it and would like to become
My problems began(I think) when I installed heroku toolbelt for
facebook app creation...I went through some initial hiccups(with ssh
etc) and had to solve them (while working with cmd.exe).
Well my life went fine until later on I fired up cygwin and realized
that my intial directory has now been changed from
"c:/cygwin/home/username" to "c:/Documents and Settings/username"...
I "tried" to fix the problem by googling around(mkpasswd and all that)
and I think I've made the problem no better(if not worse)....
I really need some help guys.

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