Charles Wilson
Fri Sep 30 15:17:00 GMT 2011

On 9/29/2011 11:05 AM, Erwin Waterlander wrote:
> Somebody already created Cygwin packages. See the URL at But
> I don't see who's behind it.

The included readme in the package says this person:
But I don't speak/read japanese...

FWIW, the -src package uses cygport and provides a minimal src patch
(disables using the .rc file and adding properties to the dll), along
with a cygwin patch providing a readme and setup.hint. (hint lists
cygwin as a require: but this is no longer recommended practice).

We can't just grab some cygwin package off a website and stick it in the
distribution. We need an actual maintainer, who is a member of this
community (at least, subscribed to the cygwin mailing list), who commits
to supporting the package, and to ITP it on cygwin-apps. Then there's
the whole GTG evaluation and voting process (or documentation that the
package is provide by (at least one) major linux distro).

It's fine with me if that volunteer wants to /start/ with a 3rd party
cygport script and patchset, but the volunteer needs to "take ownership"
of it going forward.


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