1.7.9-1 Post Install Script Failures...

Clay Goss claygoss@gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 18:03:00 GMT 2011

I am struggling to get cygwin back on an XP system it used to work on.
I have followed the posts and FAQ's I have found to troubleshoot.  I
have cleaned cygwin off the system, including the packages folder,
shortcuts, etc, but each try at installing yields much the same.
Attached it the setup.log.full file.  When I run setup.exe, the GUI
displays a number of 254 errors.  After the install, clicking on the
cygwin shortcut opens a command window, with a cygwin prompt, but no
commands work.  Further examination shows that no user folder was
created under \cygwin\home.  I have tried installing using local
administrator account as well as domain admin account.

All of this started when I tried to upgrade cygwin.

Any leads much appreciated.

Thank you,
Clay Goss

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