Inconsistency between winnt.h header in /usr/include/w32api and the one supplied with the Microsoft SDK

Erik van der Kouwe
Thu Sep 29 18:02:00 GMT 2011


> the issue you are noticing here is that pdata information differs
> between different archtiectures.  The first you have shown here is the
> definition of the spark,mips, and (IIRC) arm architecture.  The second
> one you've shown is the definition of pdata for x64 architecture.  For
> x86 itself there is no pdata-information present, as x86 is using
> stack-based SEH support, and not table-based one as other
> architectures.

Thanks for your answer. That makes sense.

Still, Windows makes the x64 version available even on x86 architectures. I
guess this makes sense as Windows no longer runs on those other architectures
architectures these days. x86 Cygwin is likely to run on many x64 systems and
encounter x64 binaries (which is also what I'm using it for). 

With kind regards,

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