Lapack won't install with cygwin?

David Rothenberger
Wed Sep 28 07:46:00 GMT 2011

On 9/26/2011 1:22 PM, Bananskrue wrote:
> I'm currently needing to run a program on cygwin with a school-related
> project. The program is called MPB, and a very easy tutorial on how to "set
> it up" is given. It basically just says to install "these and these"
> programs when getting cygwin.
> I did this and I'm getting tons of error message. Specifically, when I try
> to install my program in cygwin, it can't find lapack and BLAS. I've tried
> to install it manually but to no avail, and a quick search query tells me
> that "If I select this application when installing cygwin, it should install
> them automatically".
> Well that's just great, only problem is it doesn't. Apparently I'm supposed
> to have an liblapack.a and a libblas.a file in my /lib folder, but I don't.

liblapack.a and libblas.a are in the liblapack-devel package.

You can find packages containing specific files using this page:


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