pressing ENTER scrambles scrolled MS-DOS-console

Paul Maier
Mon Sep 26 20:22:00 GMT 2011


scrolling up the console output to review the console history, then pressing
Enter scrambles the console.

This is Cygwin-specific: The same steps with Windows' cmd instead of bash
is working fine.

To reproduce:

1. Open Windows MS-DOS console, then start bash or tcsh or another shell.
2. Enter something like ls to fill the screen
3. scroll up
4. press Enter

Observed behaviour:
- The command prompt and any subsequent command is printed *inside* the old 
  console output. Current command line is full of old console stuff.
  (See screen shot in the attachment.)
- Not possible to repair this by manually repositioning the cursor to the end. 
  Scrolling down is possible, but pressing another Enter will scroll *up* to 
  the scrambled position. The only way to get the cursor down is to pressing 
  Enter for 1000 times, but the console output will be basically overwritten 
  by these 1000 command prompts.
-> Result: Loss of the console; need to type exit and open a new window.

Expected behaviour:
- I expect the terminal to automatically scroll all the way down to the
  latest line before printing any new characters.

Further details - This works:
- Pressing any other key (e. g. letter a) does scroll the terminal down.
- Pressing arrow up (to review the command history) does scroll the terminal down.
- Inside bash, type "cmd" to start a Windows cmd. The console behaves immediately 
- bash in xterm works fine.

Further details - Does not work:
- enter "echo ABC", do not press enter, but scroll up, then press enter.
  "ABC" will print into the old console output followed by the command prompt.
  (See screen shot in the attachment.)

Thank you.


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