rebaseall and cygstdc++-6.dll

Dave Korn
Mon Sep 26 14:16:00 GMT 2011

On 25/09/2011 21:31, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
> On 25 September 2011 02:07, Dave Korn wrote:
>>  I finally nailed this one down.  Stray base relocs against references to
>> symbols in discarded COMDAT sections remaining in the .eh_frame data cause the
>> stack unwind lookup to get lost.  Sourceware CVS is down right now but I'll be
>> sending the attached to binutils when it's working again, and I've started
>> building a 4.5.3-3 release.
> I'm confused, is the issue in binutils or gcc?  If the issue is in
> binutils, is rebuilding gcc going to help?  Either way, glad you
> nailed it!

  The problem is in binutils, and the fact that it generates base relocs for
entries from EH data that should be just ignored.
contains more detail, if you want to ask more let's do it on the binutils list.

  So to answer your question: the gcc language-specific runtime DLLs have to
be built using the patched version of binutils, otherwise they break when they
get rebased; that's why I'm rebuilding the gcc packages - having already
locally rebuilt binutils.  This will only be a big issue for anyone who wants
to rebuild gcc from source themselves, the new packages I upload to the distro
will still work for everyone regardless of what binutils they have installed
and/or how or when or where they get rebased.


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