Bogus dependencies in libtool .la files for libgtk2.0-devel-2.20.1-1, libpango1.0-devel-1.28.1-1

Mon Sep 26 06:28:00 GMT 2011

On 2011-09-26 AM 1:00, Dave Korn wrote:
>> This problem comes from *executing libtool commands*
>    If a problem arises from executing libtool commands, that usually means that
> something the user did in has tricked automake into generating
> incorrect libtool commands in the first place, rather than that an actual
> libtool bug has just appeared.  (Libtool bugs are possible of course, but user
> errors in automake scripts are more common.)
>      cheers,
>        DaveK

The problem is from pango/opentype/
It has .cc source and recognized as needed c++ source file although it 
is c source. and cc source is compiled with --tag=CXX
we should teach libtool cc is c source file.

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