cygwin 1.7.9, problem with cygwin1.dll, path_conv::check, has_acls()? (Windows 7)

John Ruckstuhl
Fri Sep 23 05:06:00 GMT 2011

Regarding a cygwin 1.7.9 bug w/ acls on network share (bug not present in 1.7.8).

Larry wrote:
> On 9/15/2011 4:19 PM, John Ruckstuhl wrote:
> > Meanwhile, thanks for showing a workaround.  Other colleagues are affected, so
> > we will discuss whether we want to stay downgraded or start using 
> > explicit mounts.
> Another alternative is to try a snapshot.  This issue should be addressed
> there.
> <>

I'll be happy to try most-recent snapshot to confirm/contradict 
that this symptom of the 1.7.9 bug is fixed in the source tree.  
But I won't be able to persuade colleagues to adopt a snapshot.

FWIW, my issue sounds very much like Keith Christian's 
    Subject: Writing to Windows Share issues fixed in cygwin1-20110829.dll.bz2

On 9/15 Keith said:
> I stumbled across the following snapshot, cygwin1-20110829.dll.bz2, 
> and now I can create files in a Windows Share that I haven't been 
> able to properly access from Cygwin in months!
> Corinna, whatever changes you made to this snapshot have fixed the 
> problem for me, at least.  Hope they can be included in the next 
> official cygwin1.dll release.  Now I can start using the share from 
> Cygwin again.
> Great news!

But then he had to backtrack... yes a symptom was fixed -- he can 
create files on his share, but another symptom of the same bug (or 
else a quite similar bug) still exists.

On 9/16 Keith said:
> I was wrong.
> Only some improvement using the cygwin1-20110829.dll.bz2 snapshot.
> Problems still exist when trying to check in a file with RCS on 
> this Windows share.

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